rlm_sql_oracle compilation woes

Anders Holm anders.holm at sysadmin.ie
Wed May 7 14:46:53 CEST 2008

Hi Folks. 

This is a potential newbie question, though I seem unable to find any answers in the FAQ or in the archives, so ... 

I'm trying to compile the rlm_sql_oracle module for FreeRadius 2.0.3 using Oracle 10.2 client. Now, I've tried every suggestion the configure scripts has thrown at me, and none seem to find my header files. 

ORACLE_HOME is set to where the client resides. I have the headers in a different location though, so I've used the --with-oracle-home-dir and friends to try and point to where those reside. 

Always getting the same answer back from configure, which is it can't find oci.h, which is in the specified locations... 

Would anyone have any examples or pointers I can poke a stick at and see if I am just doing things backwards? Any pointers would be highly appreciated. 

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