reply-attributes are not set in the ACCES-ACCEPT

Alex Mija alexandru.mija at
Mon May 12 09:23:30 CEST 2008

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Alex Mija wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I try to authenticate (using freeradius 102)to a freeradius server . 
>   Ouch.  Why not use 2.0.4?  It's much more recent, and isn't years out
> of date.
>> When I use TTLS with  CHAP  it works fine.
>> BUT When I use TTLS with MSCHAPv2 in ACCESS-ACCEPT message I can't see any
>> of the attributes I set in the reply list of items from the users file.
>   Recent versions of the server have "use_tunneled_reply" in eap.conf.
> I forget what 1.0.2 has, and I won't bother looking.
our freeradius also have  "use_tunneled_reply"  and it is set to "yes".

We also tried to use version 2.0.4 but we got the following problem:

after configuring our user:
myuser_lea      Cleartext-Password := "mypass at wd"
  Session-Timeout = 3600,
  Termination-Action = 1,
  Service-Flow-Descriptor = 0x0001041111040303050304060301070311,
  QoS-Descriptor += 
...and this is the error we get when starting freeradius server:

/udir/RADIUS_RELEASES/RADIUS-204-INSTALLED//etc/raddb/users[113]: Parse 
error (check) for entry myuser_lea: Invalid octet string "mypass at wd" for 
attribute name "Cleartext-Password"
Errors reading /udir/RADIUS_RELEASES/RADIUS-204-INSTALLED//etc/raddb/users
Instantiation failed for module "files"
Failed to find module "files".
Errors parsing authorize section.

If possible, please help telling what's wrong with the user, as I can't 
figure out
>   Alan DeKok.
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