Thank you kalik

johnson elangbam elangbamjohnson at
Tue May 13 11:44:10 CEST 2008

hi kalik,
            After a long pause, I've successfully done my authorization of
my radius server by using digest and perl authentication in mixed mode, as
per your advice I put the digest entry first before the perl authentication
in the default file, and after that I've put a line of perl code
RAD_CHECK{'Cleartext-Password'} = $mypassword, where the password is fetch
from the database.  And finally the server starts reading  the cleartext
password and starts calculating the md5 encryption and sucessfully
authorized a user.

Lastly, I thank to all the members  of this forum who are dedicated  here to
help solving the complex problem in a complicated environment, especially
Evan Kalik who is much envolved, regarding my problems of not getting my
digest attributes.

Thanking you for your valuable time and consideration.

With Regards,
Johnson Elangbam
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