huntgroups are failing auth - missing Chap Password

Ivan Kalik tnt at
Tue May 13 21:12:22 CEST 2008

How difficult can it be to follow clearly written instructions?

>As I said before, the only example of using a huntgroup I can see in the
>users file does not list a password attribute at all. so assuming that I
>should set the attribute to either CHAP-Password =="password" or
>Cleartext-Password == "password" I tried both and of course neither works.

No. It doesn't. Why? Let's have a look at the password entry from users

Cleartext-Password := "testing"

Can you see *any* difference between that and what you were using? Fix it
and it will work.

>testuser Huntgroup-Name =="testgroup", CHAP-Password == "password" yields
>the same error as having used Cleartext-Password, User-Password or no
>password at all.

"like no password at all" - exactly. Your password entry is wrong. Use
entries that documentation suggests. Stop hanging hopelessly to the way
"it used to be" - I think that you have established by now that the
"old way" doesn't work.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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