RADIUS Attribute: NAS-Port what is the true Length?

Etienne Pretorius etiennep at kingsley.co.za
Wed May 14 12:31:04 CEST 2008

Hello List,

Probably not the right place to ask but I would like to know if someone 
could explain to me the following:

According to RFC2138, the maximum range for the NAS-Port is 16 bits, so 
with the Type and Length fields to total length is 6 octets.

But with FreeRadius's SQL Schema the NAS-PortId field is a varchar(15) 
and I see it being used. The dictionary.rfc2138 just states it is an 
integer so
what is the maximum range on the NAS-Port field?

If it has been changed, could someone point me to the correct RFC.


Kind Regards

Etienne Pretorius

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