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tribestom tribes.tom at
Fri May 16 10:21:57 CEST 2008


I have a little hard to configure freeradius. here is what i want to
do :

I want to run an hotspot with different accounts which give different
connection time. 

I have an openldap server  with this organisation :


	|	|
   ou=heure    ou=jour
    |		   |	
 uid=user1      uid=user2

What i have running now : 

I can authenticate a users with a time limit.

Here is my users file :

DEFAULT        Auth-Type = ldap,Max-Daily-Session := 3600

I want add a second line with correspond to a day like this :

DEFAULT        Auth-Type = ldap,Max-Daily-Session := 86400

 and i want that user from ou=heure use the first one and user from
ou=jour use the policy with a day time

which attribute should i add to this line or how should i do to realize
this. I haven t found any clue on the net how to do this.

Here is my ldap conf in radiusd.conf :

server = "" # ip de la machine avec le serveur ldap 
		identity = "cn=admin,dc=exempl,dc=lcom" # login sur le serveur ldap 
		password = "******" # mots de passe sur le serveur ldap 
		basedn = "dc=exempl,dc=com" # base de recherche sur le serveur ldap 
		filter ="uid=%u" # filtre de recherche ( ici tout utilisateur ) 
		ldap_connections_number = 5 # nombre de tentative de connection 
		timeout = 4 
		timelimit = 3 
		net_timeout = 1 
		tls { 	 
			start_tls = no 
		dictionary_mapping = ${raddbdir}/ldap.attrmap 
		edir_account_policy_check = no 

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your help

If you need more informations just tell me 


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