freeradius not working with AD

Karthik R kartthikr at
Thu May 22 00:12:27 CEST 2008


I'm trying to configure freeradius to authenticate wireless users against
AD. Initially i generated the ssl certificate it had only 30 days validity
period, so modified the openssl command to include -days 730.

I followed the steps as mentioned in and
installation document still not working. I'm able to succeed with standalone
ntlm_auth command and see the lists from AD using wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g.

Attached the log message. Still i dont see ntlm_auth getting trigged for
user authentication and unable to authenticate the users against AD. can
someone throw some light here.

snip =>

   (other): before/accept initialization
    TLS_accept: before/accept initialization
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 read client hello A
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 write server hello A
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 write certificate A
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 write server done A
    TLS_accept: SSLv3 flush data
    *TLS_accept: Need to read more data: SSLv3 read client certificate A (Is
there any wrong with this message ?)*

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