Need to understand flow

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at
Thu May 22 16:17:49 CEST 2008


	I'm having to write my own validation and accounting for a device,
and I need to understand a little about the flow. Is there a good reference 
for this? I don't have to support much, basically user/pass authentication,
updating accounting, timeout, logoff.

	I understand that I send it an "Access-Request" packet, and I
get back either Access-Accept with potentially some Attributes, or 
an Access-Reject if it failed.

	I believe I next need to send an accounting_start packet. Some
of the items I'm not sure where they come from (Acct-Session-Id,
Acct-Unique-Session-Id) or how they might be generated.

	During the course of the user being on, I believe you
send accounting_updates and at the end send an accounting_stop.

	One thing I really don't know is where does Max-All-Session 
come in? In my initial testing, it didn't come back as an attribute.
(Maybe incorrectly). 

		Thanks, Tuc

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