need info on EAP-SIM

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon May 26 12:39:48 CEST 2008

Kalyani Garigipati (kagarigi) wrote:
> Thanks for the reply .But I am still getting the same errors.I have put
> the lines as follows. I did not put any balnk lines in between . the
> editor in the mail is shoing like that.
> DEFAULT EAP-Sim-Rand1 = 0x89abcbeef9abcdef89abcdef89abcdef
>  EAP-Sim-Rand2 = 0x9abcdef89abcdef89abcdef89abcdef8,

  Please read the "man" page for the "users" file.  The format of an
entry is NOT free-form.  The first line is special, and is different
than the rest of the lines.

> I am getting the following errors
> [/usr/local/etc/raddb/users]:203 WARNING! Check item "EAP-Sim-Rand2"
> found in reply item list for user "DEFAULT".    This attribute MUST go
> on the first line with the other check items

  What part of that message is unclear?  You need to put the attributes
onto the first line, along with the DEFAULT.

  Do NOT put them on separate lines as you have done already.

  Alan DeKok.

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