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Tue May 27 11:15:00 CEST 2008

I am developing a small project to manage accounts provided by a captive
portal solution chillispot-freeradius-mysql, and I need help about working with
sql tables to do those few tasks the web interface should provide to admin users.
I need to know how to:
- add an account
- remove an account
- show all accounts with the total time of all their connections
>From what I understand, add an account is simple, all I have to do is add a record
to radcheck table like after checked that the username is not already present:
mysql> select username from radcheck where username = 'John Doe';
(if 0 rows returned, continue)
mysql> insert into radcheck (username, attribute, value) values ('John Doe', 'Password', 'x2jadfds');

However in an example from the oreilly book that the op is left as the default value ('=='),
while in another software that do a task like what I what should like to do (phpmyprepaid),
the attribute is "User-Password", and the op is ":=". What difference?
To remove an account, I should delete all the records in radcheck that have the username
I want to remove, so:
mysql> delete from radcheck where username = 'John Doe';
But I would like to know, if the user has currently a session active, i.e.
it is connected to the service provided, it is immediately disconnected or
the session continue?
And moreover, I have some problems with radacct.
How to do the last task?
On the web I found few resources about manage freeradius with mysql.
Suggestions? Links?

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