undefined symbol: sql_get_socket

Giovanni Lovato giovanni.lovato at aldu.net
Wed May 28 12:17:42 CEST 2008

Phil Mayers wrote:
> Nicolas Goutte wrote:
>> Am 27.05.2008 um 18:20 schrieb Giovanni Lovato:
>>> Alan DeKok wrote:
>>>> Giovanni Lovato wrote:
>>>>> I compiled deb packages from 2.0.4 sources. I would use rlm_sqlippool
>>>>> but I get this message:
>>>>> symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/freeradius/rlm_sqlippool-2.0.4.so:
>>>>> undefined symbol: sql_get_socket
>>>>> How can I solve that?
>>>>   Link the server statically:
>>>> $ ./configure --disable-shared
>>>>   Then again, Debian might only have shared versions of some libraries
>>>> (e.g. Perl), so this might not work, either.
>>> It doesn't work, `ld' complains about unavailable static libraries. What
>>> I can't understand is why other module that use MySQL aren't affected by
>>> this problem!
>> Try to use nm(1) on the .so files and see if the symbol is different
>> in the two libraries.
> Why? It will be, because it's meant to be.
>> I have just checked FreeRadius 2.0.2 on Mac and the symbols are indeed
>> different. One time T (text section symbol) for rlm_sql.so but U
>> (undefined) for rlm_sqlippool.so
> Because rlm_sqlippool imports it from rlm_sql
>> As for what this difference exactly means and where to try to fix
>> this, I do not know. Sorry.
> It means nothing. It's normal.

Do you mean it has nothing to do with the "undefined symbol" error when
launching freeradius?
 I still can't understand why other modules that use MySQL aren't
affected by this issue, may it be a missing inclusion in the Makefile?
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