rlm_checkval module

Yeargan, Yancey yancey at unt.edu
Thu May 29 23:45:21 CEST 2008

> Please try explaining the requirements, not why your chosen
> solution doesn't work.

I did explain the requirements in the message. I meant to be
very clear that I had researched the issue and was not asking
for a solution without first doing my homework. I tried to find a
solution, but the documentation is not very thorough.

>> I added this to the ldap.attrmap file:
>> checkItem NAS-IP-Address host

> Don't.  Just don't. NAS-IP-Address is sent by the NAS
> in a RADIUS packet.

Yes, I know that NAS-IP-Address is sent by the NAS
in a RADIUS packet.  From the documentation, I
understood that ldap.attrmap allows one to

1)  Include values from the database
    in the RADIUS reply [replyItem].


2) Compare values from the RADIUS request
    to values in the database [checkItem].

Is that not correct? If not, then what is the purpose
of the checkvar module?

The LDAP query solution does work, even though it seems quite
a mess in the configuration files. Thanks for that solution.


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