Restricting user to specific NAS Port

Sean Preston sean at
Tue Nov 11 12:53:29 CET 2008


2008/11/11  <tnt at>:
>>I need to restrict a specifc user to say 2 specific NAS ports and then
>>define a different account to some different specific NAS ports.
>>Currently as long as an account is only ever going to use one NAS port
>>I can restrict it by adding the entry to the radcheck table.  So for
>>example if I have 10 users, I have 10 entries with the NAS port and
>>the == operator.  However if I want to add some accounts with multiple
>>entries then
> .. use huntgroups.

Ok I think I understand what needs to be done.  So the next question
then is how do I setup huntgroups to be in the same database as
everything else because as it stands it looks like it can only be a
file and I am going to have hundreds of groups and it would be easier
to manage in the database.


Sean Preston

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