hostapd + freeradius + windows users problem

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Wed Nov 12 18:34:19 CET 2008

>I've setup hostapd 0.5.10-1(with bridge) + freeradius 2.1.1(with mysql) and it works pretty good except one thing:
>Windows(vista sp1) users when turn their machines off, radacct mess up (this doesn't happened when user request disconnect manually)
>User "goa" connects and when he turns machine off, new user "host/filteria"(his machine name) appears.
>Maybe the problems is inside hostapd(which I can't find), but I don't understand why "host/filteria" is updated with "goa" info.

Start packet with one user name, stop with another for the same session -
NAS (hostapd) is broken.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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