SQL and ippool

Xiaochen Jing xjing at datavalet.com
Thu Sep 18 19:11:33 CEST 2008

Thanks Alan and Maxim,

So after Freeradius reads the username/password in SQL, how can we bind
username/password to a specific ippool?

Like what I do in /users, 

Username Cleartext-Password := "password", Pool-Name := "poolname"

Thanks in advance


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Xiaochen Jing wrote:=
> The scenario will be: when Freeradius receives a user request, it
> forwards it to SQL server (local or remote) for authenticating the
> username/password.

  No.  It READS the username/password from the DB.  SQL isn't an
authentication protocol.

> Can this be accomplished? I am wondering, when SQL sends a reply back to
> Freeradius, how can Freeradius knows what ippool it should use to assign
> IP based on user name?

  See the documentation for the SQL ippool module...

  Alan DeKok.
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