MySQL not in the default port

Marcelo Freitas marcelocbf at
Sat Sep 20 03:08:11 CEST 2008

Thanks man, it worked ...
Sorry, I hadn't found any docs about this directive ...

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> Hello,
> I had to install my MySQL not in the default port (3306), and I'm not
able to
connect to the server ... I tried everything in the sql.conf like
my.IP:5999, hostname, etc and nothing makes it to connect ... Is there any
way to specify a port to connect ? is it possible ?
> P.S: I tried to make FreeRadius to connect to an outside MySQL server
port) and it connected without problems ...

in sql.conf

right after the hostname, add a port option.

        hostname = "nameofhost"
        port     = "5999"


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