..::Errors initializing modules::..

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Have you uncommented sql anywhere (authorize etc)?

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Dana 25/9/2008, "Ing. Alfonso Reyes"
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>Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 19:56:36 +0100
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>Subject: Re: ..::Errors initializing modules::..
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>> But I can't see that on the radiusd -X output, I've double checked
>> everything with no luck. Even if I'm trying the radtest with a user
>> that is on mysql the radius send a reject packet.
>> I can see on the output that the password doesn't match but I tried
>> with a new one getting the same message, I think that it is not
>> reading mysql because it is not initializing the module right?.
>>you built the server yourself?  check the output from the ./configure stage
>- it probably didnt build the SQL stuff because eg you didnt have the
>>required MySQL development libraries installed at the time
>Thanks for your help Alan, but the radius server was built with the
>--with-mysql variable with no luck.
>Any other idea?
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