Freeradius and memory usage

Roy Kartadinata rkartadinata at
Sat Aug 1 06:17:55 CEST 2009

Marinko Tarlac wrote:
> Hi
> Well I don't use is.. Only in case I need to debug something... I
> have a small problem with triggering AccountingOff query (I don't
> know what causes this) which closes all opened sessions in
> database... Now I found a work around for this...   
> You can try to increase Interim-update intervals on your NAS(es) (5
> min and up). This will help and your server will take some breath :) 

Well even if I force our NASes to send all traffic to our secondary AAA,
memory usage on primary server didn't go down.

> Also it would be good if you can tell us something about your
> system... 
> OS, CPU, HDD type ...

Server info is as follow:

OS - Linux (CentOS 5.3)
Freeradius - 2.1.6
CPU - single quad core Xeon
Memory - 4GB
HDD - FC drives on EMC

> Best regards
> Roy Kartadinata wrote:
>> An update on this issue, I was finally able to split the detail file
>> log into hourly by adding another entry to modules/detail.log file.
>> So far the memory usage is still increasing but in a much slower
>> rate. 
>> Marinko Tarlac wrote:
>>> Maybe detail file is to large ?
>>> I had a similar problem when server goes off because of this...
>> How did you fix your issue?
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Roy Kartadinata

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