Passing radius messages to script

Dejan Markic Dejan.Markic at
Thu Aug 6 08:26:04 CEST 2009


Is it possible, that FreeRadius would open >n< instances of one script, which would read from stdin (or such), to which it would send it's Radius messages and script would return the Radius reply?
I do not want to run script everytime I receive a message on Radius, I'd like to keep it open (even more instances). So, when Radius starts, it also starts this script and keeps it running and that script is waiting for input and the script would return the message that should be returned. Is that possible or should we write a module for it? Maybe it is possible through rlm_perl?

I'd be thankful for any tips provided!

Thank you and kind regards,
Dejan Markic

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