logging in bit or

ganesh nagpure gnagpure_mtnl at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 19 10:45:49 CEST 2009


Is there any way to change the following thing fron octects to bytes or bits?

for example  Acct-Input-Bytes/Bits or Acct-Output-Bytes/Bits

Acct-Session-Time = 58392
	Acct-Input-Octets = 101147
	Acct-Output-Octets = 136624
	Acct-Input-Packets = 7723
	Acct-Output-Packets = 8367

Where should I configure in BRAS or in Freeradius?

If i want information about uplink and downlink bit/Bytes how do i get this information logged in radius log file.

Who will send this information to Freerdius BRAS?



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