MAX-Monthly-Traffic V2 Post

Neville nev at
Thu Aug 20 02:07:55 CEST 2009

Hi Alex,

> You are expecting an interim update to send session-timeout to your nas
> so it disconnect your user?
> If so, two things seems incorrect to me.
>    1- You're measuring traffic volume and want disconnection to set
> based on time (session-timout)... a bit tricky isn't it?

So VERY True, Too many late nights and I really do appreciate your input as 
this gave me food for thought and I now have EVERYTHING Working.

Both for Traffic & Session USAGE.

For Usage, I still had to use Max-Monthly-Traffic as a Check := and based on 
sqlcounter calc, do a Reply = Sessions-Octets-Limit = XXXXXX on the 
Access-Accept as this is supported by the ppp 2.4.4 NAS.

What I would like to know now, is how I can use sqlcounter to do a Month 
Calculation based on the date of the account being registered and NOT the 
Calander Month?  Anyone?

>    2- I think the attribute "Session-Timeout" cannot be found in
> interim-updates packets (maybe I'm wrong), rfc 2869 specify that:  "It
> is envisioned that an Interim Accounting record (with Acct-Status-Type =
> Interim-Update (3)) would contain all of the attributes normally found
> in an Accounting Stop     message with the exception of the
> Acct-Term-Cause attribute."
> What you would need is an attribute known by your nas and representing
> remaining traffic. That attrbute should be sent at acct-start time and
> would trigger a disconnection from the NAS when traffic limit is
> reached. If such a attribute does not exists for your NAS, you should
> take a look at CoA server.
> Maybe someone have better idea...?
> Le mercredi 19 ao?t 2009 ? 15:56 +0100, Neville a ?crit :


CentOS 5.3
pptpd 1.3.4 / ppp 2.4.4
freeradius2 2.1.6
radiusclient-ng 0.5.6
daloRadius 0.9-8-SVN

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