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Fri Aug 21 22:59:22 CEST 2009

Hmm interesting, how were you able to divine that that is how we are storing the has values... 

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Larry Ross wrote:
> It appears though that there may be a bug in the string copy function of
> the rlm_ldap function (or whatever is responsible for copying the
> attributes from LDAP to Server core for MSCHAP challenge compare)   We
> noticed the truncation upon "00" and "3d" in the NT-Password hash  (so
> if the has was abc12300 or abc1233d    all you would see is abc123)

  The OpenLDAP API assumes that the returned values are text.  If you
want to store *binary* data, then FreeRADIUS has to use a different API
to query for the data.  And *before* it does the query it has to know
which values are binary, and which ones are text.

  Or, you can do what everyone else does.  Store the NT-Password hash as
 a string of 32 hex numbers.  Storing it as a binary blob of 16 bytes
just causes problems.

  Alan DeKok.
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