TTLS to require client cert

Yoni Levin yoni.levin at
Mon Aug 24 16:37:38 CEST 2009

I have similar problem
I also try to force TTLs to request client certificate but it just does
not happen. The radius does not send the request.
Maybe the reason is that I added EAP-TLS-Require-client-cert = YES in
the wrong section?
I uncommented it in the tls section of eap.conf

Thanks for your help.

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Yes, it does,  but something isnt working, he is just not checking the
client certificate

On 07/15/2009, Ivan Kalik <tnt at> wrote:
>> Hi all, I need help once again. I want TTLS to require client cert. I
>> EAP-TLS-Require-client-cert = YES in ttls { part of eap.conf but it's
>> working. What I am doing wrong here?
> What isn't working? Freeradius can request a certificate - does your
> supplicant support that?
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