Selective Update of User-Name

Mike O'Connor freeradius at
Fri Aug 28 07:58:48 CEST 2009

Hi All

So after a little playing this is how I got it to work.

We wrote a python program which set the Proxy-To-Realm as a control item
in the return. Then wrote some unlang code for authorize and preacct
which uses this to selectively rewrite the username so that it has a realm.

I have another question about unlang I'll ask in a new email


Mike O'Connor wrote:
> Hi Guys
> This email tries to ask my question in a different way, to last time.
> I need to Rewrite the User-Name of individual accounts to add a realm,
> this would need to reliable up to at least 10000 users.
> Does any one have any ideas on how this might be done, in a way that can
> be updated with out restarting Freeradius ?
> We do have some python code running in this proxy which might be able to
> help.
> Thanks
> Mike O'Connor
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