invalid Message-Authenticator! (Shared secret is incorrect.)

Hegedus Gabor hegedus.gabor at
Mon Feb 2 16:57:11 CET 2009

tnt at wrote:
>> Could it be the problem?:
>> radius server is in and the nas is in the 
>> the packets bridged, the nas can ping the radius server... can the 
>> different mask be a problem?
> No. Shared secret is wrong. Have you retyped it both on radius server and
> on the NAS?
I checked a lot of time but 12345 = 12345 :)

>> WARNING: Unprintable characters in the password. Double-check the shared 
>> secret on the server and the NAS!
> The only other possibility is a broken operating system (crypto libraries
> are corrupted). But in 99.99% of cases, problem is different shared
> secret.
I think the problem is in the AP(nas), not in the radius.

Sorry, no more questions about it . I think the CISCO 861 router(new) 
has something problem.
I just want to know.

now I try to find the 0.01%

thank you

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