Inner identity in accounting logs

Jonathan Gazeley jonathan.gazeley at
Tue Feb 3 17:02:35 CET 2009

No - this is a completely standard FreeRADIUS configuration. Nothing 
relating to rewriting anything has been changed.

In the debug log posted in one of my earlier messages, it appears the FR 
server sends an Access-Challenge packet from the inner server using my 
statically set outer ID (testing-jg4461). But immediately after, it 
reverts to using the original outer ID (qwerty99). Then this username 
shows in accounting.

This doesn't happen when I set the outer ID in the outer server. In that 
case, the statically set outer ID sticks and appears in accounting.

What's the difference between using an identical piece of code in inner 
or outer servers?

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Jonathan Gazeley wrote:
>> Sorry to 'bump' my previous post. I'm at a loss as to why FreeRADIUS
>> expands the username as expected, but why this username never makes it
>> back to the NAS. Does anyone have any ideas?
>   No idea... is there anything else that's over-writing the User-Name?
>   Alan DeKok.
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