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ramesh p rock786143 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 07:28:49 CET 2009

whats the difference between Accounting stop and AcctStatusType=stop?
Accounting stop and AcctStatusType=tunnel-stop....

I need only stop packets. I'm not going to store accounting start packets.

If i send accounting stop packets and AcctStatusType=tunnel-stop am
receiving it as AcctStatusType=Stop only. why? any reason?
my questions are:
1. I need to store/log only Accounting stop packets with AcctStatusType =
If i get a packet of
Tunnel-Link-Stop, Tunnel-Link-Reject, Failed" need to ignore them and not to
be stored in db.
for this i commented out all the queries(start,update,on,off) except
accounting_stop_query and accounting_stop_query_alt.
Will this satisfies my requirement?
Plz help me.

On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 9:29 PM, <tnt at kalik.net> wrote:

> >>You are aware that this will disable Simultaneous-Use?
> >could you explain me more.
> >
> If you don't record Start packets you won't be able to detect double
> (or multiple) logins by the same user. Potentially, one user can pay you
> and reveal his user/pass to everybody and all of them will be able to
> connect to your network as they please. If Simultaneous-Use is working
> only one at the time can connect - they can still share user details but
> they won't be able to connect in the same time.
> >
> >My routers will be sending packets types of Acct-Status0Type =
> > Start,
> >Stop,
> >Checkpoint,
> >Accounting-On,
> >Accounting-Off,
> >Tunnel-Start,
> >Tunnel-Stop,
> >Tunnel-Reject,
> >Tunnel-Link-Start,
> > Tunnel-Link-Stop,
> > Tunnel-Link-Reject,
> >Failed.
> >
> There should be Interim-Update on that list as well. Freeradius processes
> Start, Stop, Update, On and Off by default.
> >However i need to store only the category of "Acct-Status-Type == Stop"
> >packets.
> >
> You have done that already:
> >At present am using Accounting_stop query and Accounting_stop_alt query
> for
> >storing stop packets.
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