Problem with only some users. Monowall - Freeradius

rgreiner mrgreiner at
Wed Feb 4 10:47:05 CET 2009

tnt at wrote:
>> I executed freeradius on debug mode, then I used the radtest command.
>> The message is almost the same,
> Almost is the key word here.
>> but the proxy (@dialup, - another
>> radius server in another city) returns OK.
>> Why using radtest it returns OK and using monowall it retorns Reject?
> Who knows (actually admin form the home server will know). Most likely
> it's because NAS request has Called-Station-Id in it. Or it could be
> NAS-Identifier. Or ...
Mr. Daniel, the reason you connection was rejected is quite clear at the
end of the debug you sent:

Sending Access-Reject of id 166 to port 63026
        Reply-Message = "\r\nYou are already logged in 2 times  - access

We are getting this situation of multiple logins when people don't
disconnect properly from monowall (monowall opens a popup window with a
"logout" window). For that reason I've installed some clean-up scripts
in our freeradius database. Just wait a couple o hours and it will be
reset by itself.

I'm responsible for the server that is resolving the accounting requests
at the domain "". Please, next time, ask Rubens there at
CIRP. If he doesn't has the answer, he knows our contact phone and e-mail.

Roberto Greiner

                Marcos Roberto Greiner

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