VLAN assignment on PEAP

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Fri Feb 6 21:32:23 CET 2009

>When I use 802.1x and MD5 (PAP) I can add easily pass VLAN assignment back to 
>the NAS using
>username   Cleartext-Password := "password"
>        Reply-Message = "Hello, misch",
>        Tunnel-Type = VLAN,
>        Tunnel-Medium-Type = IEEE-802,
>        Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = 100
>in the users file. When I switch the supplicant the PEAP-MSCHAPv2 I see these 
>attributes beeing addes to the inner tunnel. The outer tunnel only has the EAP 
>attributes and tehe switch doe not see the VLAN attributes.
>How is it possible to pass these attributes to the switch in the outer tunnel? 

use_tunneled_reply in peap section of eap.conf.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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