Non Ldap Group members being rejected

Godfrey Peart grpeart at
Sun Feb 8 04:01:03 CET 2009

At present I am using AD groups to assign roles to my users
and rejecting users who are not members of the defined groups.
    This is being done via the users file which looks like this:

#If you are not in either group, no access is allowed
#FreeRADIUS 2.1

#These are the groups we are checking for Lunar Building staff
DEFAULT         Ldap-Group == "lunar-staff"
                Aruba-User-Role = "employee"

DEFAULT         Ldap-Group == "lunar-member"
                Aruba-User-Role = "member"

DEFAULT         Ldap-group != "lunar-staff", Auth-Type := Reject
DEFAULT         Ldap-group != "lunar-member", Auth-Type := Reject


I now want to also include guest users whose credentials are in
a MySQL database, what statement do I need to include in my users file
to also allow the guest users to authenticate, since my current config
allows only the Ldap Groups. I did have SQL working before I added the
reject statements.

thanks in advance.
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