using IP address of vpn users in radius server

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Mon Feb 9 06:40:19 CET 2009

yes.but how can I specify Calling-Station-Ids based on valid and invalid
I want that radius checks that if Calling-Station-Id is valid radius sends
ippool 1 for vpn server and if Calling-Station-Id is invalid sends ippool2.
Where this compare is set in radius server?

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> >I have a radius server that uses ldap server for authentication and
> >authorization. The client of radius server is a vpn server.
> >now they are working. I want to have two groups of vpn users in vpn server
> >base on their IP addresses.
> >Could radius server check IP address of  users
> Yes. IP address should be in Calling-Station-Id attribute in the request.
> Ivan Kalik
> Kalik Informatika ISP
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