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Will D. Spann willdspann at
Mon Feb 9 21:10:00 CET 2009

Alan DeKok, Marcelo Freitas,

>> I'm getting the same Make error when I try to compile this version
>> (v2.1.3) on openSUSE 11.1 (x64).  I took your advice to Marcelo &
>> restarted from a fresh source tree, but got the same result both times. 
>> The ./configure script ran without errors.  Here's a bit more of the
>> output I got.

>  Hm... I'm not sure what to say.  This is really a libtool / libltdl
>problem.  It works on all other systems I have access to (*BSD, Linux,

I'm not sure if this was a libtool or libltdl issue.  I downloaded your latest stable snapshot from the GIT repository (alandekok-freeradius-server-1fba1996886e7cf8188bea59c0f109a763bbc757.tar.gz), and that version built without errors on this platform, using the default configure options.  I just thought I should share this change in results.

Marcelo, try building this newer version.  You can download the latest snapshot (as a tar.gz or zip archive), without needing to use GIT, at "".


Will Spann

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