Error binding port to ipv6 address

D'AVELLA STEFANO Stefano.DAvella at
Wed Feb 11 12:29:00 CET 2009

I didn't enabled it but maybe the debian-build made it for me without
noticing it.
Anyway it's definetely the udpfromto problem. For debugging I just
forced the define of HAVE_AF_INET6 (that it was not defined and so made
udpfromto_init return -1) and now the code works.

Or better, there is a problem but it is different.

Now I can listen on ipv6, but only on localhost. On localhost it works
(just tested with radclient).
If I tried to assign any other address (any ::, or a specific one) it
tells me that the address is already assigned and it exits. Can it be
related to udpfromto or it is another problem? 

> Exactly the problem is in the udpfromto_init() call inside the
> listen_bind() function.

  Then disable udpfromto.  It is NOT enabled in the default build of the
server, so the only way you can run into this problem is if you enable a
non-standard feature.

  Alan DeKok.

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