FreeRADIUS with some HP Multifunction printers

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Wed Feb 11 20:29:04 CET 2009


> So once you enable authentication and the printer fails to
> authenticate, it won't let you Telnet into the jetdirect card or use
> the web interface until you do a cold restart (and clear all the
> 802.1X settings)...

tell me about it! even if you let it onto via a failed auth = okay
it still wont go live because it saw EAPOL stuff and therefore
wont play any more

> You're welcome to open a case as well...

lets help the world out here then.

what is best, for us to be added as parties onto that case or
for us to open our own case? If you can, off-list, give me your 
case number then I could raise a case here and things might
just get escalated. any further debugging/packet dumps you
have may be handy - I've almost had enough of these ;-)
(we can do more ourselves if required!)


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