Cisco NAS and server side ip pool management

Sebastian Krieger skr at
Fri Feb 13 16:53:57 CET 2009


for many hours now I am trying to configure a Cisco router as a NAS to 
authenticate dialup users against freeradius and provide the ip address 
dynamically from a server based ip pool.

The authentication part works fine and the ip address also gets selected 
from the pool and sent as Framed-IP-Address back to the NAS. The only 
thing is that the ip address seems not to be catched up by the NAS and 
provided to the dialup user. I test the dialup connection from a Windows 
XP machine with an ISDN card and there it always ends in an error 
message that the NAS didn't provide the IP information.

It is absolutely no problem to use a static ip pool on the Cisco router 
instead of a server based ip pool management.

Can someone please send me a working configuration example for a Cisco 
IOS based NAS?


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