dave anderson dave at andersonnetwork.ca
Sun Feb 15 02:35:52 CET 2009

Also the raddact table has empty field for calling station-id for wimax. 
 I know wimax has this field in hex rather than ascii which is a problem 
addressed wimax.c for auth.  Changing the library to octet instead sting 
solves it for auth.  

Can you tell me which module or .c to look at for repairing this for 
accting and I will make the change.


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dave anderson wrote:
> However to populate these other variable into the reply such as 
> reply, it is not clear how to do so: 
>         WiMAX-AAA-Session-ID = ? 
>         WiMAX-HA-RK-SPI = ? 
>         WiMAX-HA-RK-Lifetime = ? 

  The WiMAX specifications really aren't clear how most of those are
calculated.  i.e. it says "up to local administrator".

> How to I get the reply to include these with correct values ? 
> Further, putting  WiMAX-MN-NAI = %{User-Name} in the default 
> prior to calling the wimax function still results in the WiMAX module 
> warning that WiMAX-MN-NAI has not been set. 

  That's fixed in git, and will be in 2.1.4.

  Alan DeKok.
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