using Calling-Station-Id to give ippool name to vpn server

Eric bbahar3 at
Sun Feb 15 11:22:17 CET 2009

there is a radius server with VPN server as its nas. radius server use ldap
server in back end for authentication and authorization.
we want  if Calling-Station-Id of user is valid radius could give ippool
number=1 in access reply to vpn server and if Calling-Station-Id of user is
invalid could give ippool number=2.
how radius can do this compare?
my user file configuration:

DEFAULT Client-IP-Address ==, Auth-Type := Vpn, Autz-Type :=
Vpn, Post-Auth-Type := Vpn, Session-type := Vpn
and in client.conf:
        secret  = newvpnsecret
        shortname = vpn
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