dave anderson dave at andersonnetwork.ca
Mon Feb 16 07:39:30 CET 2009

Wimax.c needs a small fix in order to print the right debug message 

DEBUG2("rlm_wimax: Fixing WiMAX binary Calling-Station-Id to 

Rather than as written

DEBUG2("rlm_wimax: Fixing WiMAX binary Calling-Station-Id to 

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dave anderson wrote:
> Also the raddact table has empty field for calling station-id for 
>  I know wimax has this field in hex rather than ascii which is a 
> addressed wimax.c for auth.  Changing the library to octet instead 
> solves it for auth.  

  Don't.  Instead, list the "wimax" module in the "authorize" and
"preacct" sections.  It will re-write the Calling-Station-Id to
something sane.

  This issue has been brought to the attention of the WiMAX forum, and
after some pushing, it will be fixed in a future revision of their

  Alan DeKok.
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