Session-timeout problem

Will D. Spann willdspann at
Mon Feb 16 18:37:12 CET 2009


>I have tried this configuration and it's working fine with radtest but

Glad to hear you have this working with radtest.  This means you have this functionality properly configured on the FreeRADIUS side now.

>Ever i am getting session time out value on AP side also but during the
change request time . actually i want the session time out in
>accept-access time.
>is it the normal scenario? 
>can you help me in this case?

With the configuration I showed, FreeRADIUS will send the Session-Timeout
attribute to the AP in an Access-Accept packet, in response to the AP
sending an Access-Request packet to FreeRADIUS that is accepted.

I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say change request time.  Can you elaborate?  It sounds like you may have a configuration issue on the AP side.

Unfortunately, if this is an AP configuration issue, I doubt I'd be of much help.  On the AP side, I've only worked with the ChilliSpot network access server (used for WiFi hotpots).


Will D. Spann

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