Freeradius2.1.3 + Fedora9 + PEAP + AD = problem

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Tue Feb 17 02:26:19 CET 2009

Both Fedora 9 and 10. Fedora jumped up to the samba 3.2 line with version 9.
If you want it to work in 9 or 10 you have to use an older version of samba.

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> Yeah that's got to be it. Fedora 8 uses 3.0.34 while fedora 10 uses 3.2.8.
> I'll have to try it with the old version of samba. I'll post back if it
> works.

is this a confirmation that ntlm_auth doesnt work with samba 3.2.8 and
, therefore, with FC10 ?

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