newbie question for freeradius

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Feb 18 04:37:33 CET 2009

ip freak wrote:
> Thanks.
> 1) rlm unix cache is set to 0.
> 2) yes, i am using FreeBSD7.1 and whatever the version the FreeBSD comes
> with.
> what really want to do is simple, just use /etc/passwd file for
> authentication.

  Then use the default configuration that comes with 1.1.X for the
"unix" module.  The ONLY way you get that error is if you edit the
configuration files do do things that are NOT recommended.

  In 1.1.7 (and many earlier versions) there are comments in
radiusd.conf, in the configuration files, saying what NOT to do on
FreeBSD.  You seem to have done exactly what was NOT recommended.


  And why are you running 1.1.x?  It is years out of date.

  Alan DeKok.

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