How to Authenticate Mysql Users whit freeradius editing the usersfile

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Fri Feb 20 01:16:37 CET 2009

>Freeradius don't authenticate with mysql, so it uses another ways like EAP,
>PAP an others.
>I had been edited the users file in the attribute auth-type with various
>values: Local, EAP, PAP, System...

Why? All the freeradius documentation says that you *shouldn't* force
the Auth-Type.

>As you see, the user juanpal authenticate with mysql but the next step stop
>My user file has this:
>DEFAULT Auth-Type := Local, Crypt-password = User-Password
>        Fall-Through = yes

Delete that. Follow the sql howto from the wiki.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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