Secure FreeRADIUS & LDAP

Dan Hawker danhawker at
Fri Feb 20 11:35:29 CET 2009

Hi All,

I used to use FreeRADIUS *years* back (iirc pre v1) on Linux and it
worked rather well :)

Not touched it since, however have just started a new contract and
there is a requirement to use a RADIUS server to connect to our LDAP
box (Red Hat Dir Server) to in turn authenticate some users/equipment
that can't auth directly, but due to the nature of the environment,
all datastores and comms have to be secured/encrypted.

As the host will be RHEL5, FreeRADIUS would seem the ideal candidate
(comes with it, although a rather ancient 1.1.3 version by default,
can upgrade if needed), however before I start installing and testing,
wondered whether it will satisfy the secure part of the requirements.

So... My questions...
# Can freeradius talk to the ldap box using TLS/SSL (ldaps)
# Can freeradius read hashed credentials from the LDAP store and then
actually use them???
# There may be a requirement to use certificates for auth, can the
ldap/freeradius module handle certs???

Am sure there will be other issues/questions but until then.



Dan Hawker
danhawker at

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