User-Id and Calling-Station-Id matching

Alexander Clouter alex at
Sun Feb 22 21:51:17 CET 2009

* tech.subscriptions at <tech.subscriptions at> [Sun, 22 Feb 2009 20:11:54 +0100]:
> To prevent impersonation, we need to match User-Id and  
> Calling-Station-Id during authentication.
> User-Id of the form 4371104 and Calling-Station-Id of the 234001014371104.
> Please how do I achieve this?
You have given *no* details about how or why or where this is coming 
from but I'm guessing from your single example you are looking for:

---- /etc/freeradius/users ----
DEFAULT Calling-Station-Id !~ "[0-9]+%{User-Id}$", Auth-Type := Reject

This assumes:
 1) User-Id is an attribute, I'm guessing you actually mean UserName
 2) Calling-Station-Id is not something a user can influence (I can 
	change the MAC address on my laptop to whatever I want)


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