EAP-PEAP GTC auth_type

tnt at kalik.net tnt at kalik.net
Wed Feb 25 11:15:40 CET 2009

>but using LDAP user with auth_type = PAP in gtc section does not work
>Found Auth-Type = EAP
>+- entering group authenticate {...}
>[eap] Request found, released from the list
>[eap] EAP/gtc
>[eap] processing type gtc
>[gtc] +- entering group PAP {...}
>[pap] login attempt with password "<My LDAP password here>"

That's not "your LDAP password". That's the password from the
User-Password field in the request.

>[pap] No password configured for the user.  Cannot do authentication
>++[pap] returns fail
>[eap] Handler failed in EAP/gtc
>[eap] Failed in EAP select
>++[eap] returns invalid
>Failed to authenticate the user.
>Login incorrect: [<My LDAP user here>] (from client <My client name
>here> port 0 via TLS tunnel)

And where is the part of the debug that shows what ldap did?

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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