Question about authenticating CHAPclientsusinganexternalprogram-Adifferent case

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Thu Feb 26 14:27:31 CET 2009

>Thanks for your reply. Sorry if my question is elementary, but this is the
>last one. What is the difference between creating a customized module to do
>Authorization/Post-Authentication and using external programs as instances
>of rlm_exec module to the so-called functionalities?

Module is much more complex. It should be capable of handling and
properly responding to all kinds of inputs. You can safely ignore most
of it if you are writing a script as rlm_exec (or rlm_perl or whatever)
will handle that for you. And you have to write the module in C while
scripts can be written in variety of languages.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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