Error: WARNING: Unresponsive child for request in module sqlcomponent accounting

magicboiz magicboiz at
Fri Feb 27 09:54:42 CET 2009

Thx Alan

I coded a very simple script to check the mysl server latency:


ExecQuery ()
        echo "select count(*) from radacct;" | mysql -h mysqlserver -u 
radiususer --password=radiuspassword radaccoutingdb

while [ -n 1 ]
        echo -n "starting query....."
        time ExecQuery
        echo -n "query finished......"
        echo ""
        echo ""
        sleep 300

Executing this script during last 24h (with nohup), from the radius machine, I 
got always latencies below 1 second........

How can the script get always latencies under 1sec, and the radius threads on 
teh other hand get latencies over max-request-time?

I'm a little bit lost.... :(

thx again

On Jueves 26 Febrero 2009 11:00:31 Alan DeKok wrote:
> magicboiz wrote:
> > Do you know how can I modify the source code, in order to print in the
> > error message the exact time when the child was created/forked? If I want
> > to find errors in my sql backend server, I need to know the exact time
> > when the requests are lost...... checking the code, It looks like this
> > error message is printed only when the server detects threads that are
> > stalled.....................
>   That message is printed "max_request_time" seconds after the packet is
> received.  The stall happens at some point during that time period.
>   Alan DeKok.
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