Group Authorization Question

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 1 21:21:05 CET 2009

Mike Diggins wrote:
> On a related note, should the rlm_dbm_parse program be able to convert
> the users file (assuming it is the correct syntax) directly? It
> complains about the ntlm_auth type.

  I wouldn't suggest using rlm_dbm.  It's not really maintained, and
it's not necessary.

  As of 2.x, the server puts the "users" file entries into a hash when
it loads the file.  I've tested 100K users being loaded in a second or
two on a reasonable machine.  On top of that, 2.x supports HUP better
than 1.x.

  So... rlm_dbm is almost never necessary any more.

  If you have less than 10K entries in the "users" file, I would suggest
that rlm_dbm is not for you.  If you have more than 10K users, I would
suggest using an SQL database.

  Alan DeKok.

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