[HELP] FreeRadius and External Script

Phibee Network Operation Center noc at phibee.net
Mon Jan 5 10:41:07 CET 2009


i request your help because i don't understand the process of FreeRadius 
and i am limited
in the time ;=) Very thanks to all men that accept to help me.

I have installed FreeRadius and my Cisco can talk with it without problems.

Now i want that FreeRadius start a perl script for get the authentification.
i have read a HOWTO and used example.pl but with no real success
because all request are valided.

When i start manually the script, we have:

./example.pl: line 26: use: command not found
./example.pl: line 29: syntax error near unexpected token `('
./example.pl: line 29: `use vars qw(%RAD_REQUEST %RAD_REPLY %RAD_CHECK);'

i thinks that when freeradius start the script, he have the same message 
and valid the connexion
no ?

What is the good process for create a small script ?


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