Digest authentication and perl authorization

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Mon Jan 5 17:23:06 CET 2009

>I am thinking in something like this:
>- Radius client (b2bua) sends an access-request with Service_type =
>- Adding perl module to authorization section.
>- In authorize function of perl module check if the balance is enough
>to make the call. if yes add an attribute to the reply with granted
>credit time and return return RLM_MODULE_OK. If no, return

That can work. As long as radius client understands that Service-Type.

>My questions are: how is the best way of making authorization without

The way you described it.

>- Should perl module set Auth-Type := Accept if the user is authorized?


>- What should I need to add in the users file for this to work,
>something like this?
>DEFAULT Auth-Type := Accept, Service-Type == "Authorize-Only"

No nedd. perl can do it all. It can add Service-Type to reply as well.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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